On the Job, Which is a More Serious Handicap: Paraplegia or Laziness?

Lets start by looking at definitions for the terms “Paraplegia” and “Laziness”. Paraplegia is paralysis from the waist down. Paraplegic people usually need to use a wheelchair to get around. Laziness, on the other hand, is inactivity resulting from a dislike of … Continue reading

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Denial – A Common Thread In A Lazy Person’s Cloak Of Invisibility

I had a nice talk with some friends tonight, re PAL and a few other topics. One fellow’s take on the PAL idea is that lazy people will not be willing to admit that they are lazy. Instead, the typical … Continue reading

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Laziness Does Not Exist!

The Myth of Laziness (Mel Levine, M.D.) is a new book that takes the view that laziness does not exist. According to the Amazon summary: [Dr] Levine scoffs at the perception that any [one] is lazy, stating that “everybody yearns to … Continue reading

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Excellent Video – This Should be a PSA on TV!

Here is the vid: Action-Jackson, And here is the PAL-comment: Outstanding! Outstanding! This should be a commercial that runs on public television every 15 mins. It looks to me like laziness is equivalent to a humungous unaddressed public health issue. It … Continue reading

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