Do people sometimes remain poor because of their day-to-day choices?

Do time-management choices impact a person’s career outcome?

Sometimes it is more difficult to find work in one area, than in another area. If a person is living in an economically depressed place, then does it make sense for them to consider moving to a region where the job prospects are brighter?

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  1. full_time_80 says:

    funny, sad, and true hope I can help myself, my generation, and the next ones to see the light

  2. Ideas says:

    Nice comics. Howabout people drinking in the middle of the day and sitting onthe porch?

    Another idea might b with how students avoid doing there homework. What are the excuses that they give themselves to justify/explain their inactivity?

  3. perception vs reality says:

    How about some new comics?

  4. Comics says:

    How about some gag lyrics to popular tunes that make fun of the lazy lifestyle? For example, MAD Magazine does stuff like that all the time and it is really funny.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How much self-inflicted pain should a person b allowed to experience before we become obligated to provide him with goods and services to soothe his selfcreated discomfort?

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