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The PAL Pamphlet

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Here is a two-page, trifold pamphlet that can be used to introduce folks to the PAL concept. For example, this pamphlet could be placed in a rack in a social service office setting – or even in a waiting room. Note: The top-right column showing the colored graphic will be the front page, when the trifold is folded … Continue reading

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Self-Pity, Self-Respect and Self-Control

Not everyone that is lazy is also concerned about getting over their laziness. But some people, who are lazy, recognize it and want to do something about it. A direct assault on this kind of problem may not always be the best approach. This article discusses a specific step that a lazy person can take – which may serve to “soften up” their own internal enemy of sloth … Continue reading

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I Want To Do It, But I Dont Like To Do It

Imagine a time in the future … maybe not so distant … in which they have discovered a way to enable a person to temporarily leave his own body, and hire someone else to enter his body, in order to perform the tasks which he (the body-owner) wants to do, but does not like to do.   Wouldn’t that be great?  (Hang on.  Like all science-fiction stories, this one may end up having a weird twist at the end.) … Continue reading

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Two Kinds of Medicine

Psychiatrists prescribe chemical medication that adjusts brain chemistry. The primary effect of this kind of medication is to heal the Brain. The secondary effect is to soothe or heal the Mind. Alternatively, there is another type of medicine: It is … Continue reading

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Shame – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This article explores the idea of shame and how it can be healthy or unhealthy.  We attempt to show that shame due to Laziness (and other moral failures) is normal, healthy and, in some sense, even good.  Alternatively, shame due … Continue reading

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Gratitude, Resentment, Productivity and Sloth

So what’s the connection? Is there a connection? Here is our premise: A mind full of gratitude tends to encourage productivity. A mind full of resentment tends to encourage sloth. (Sloth is another name for laziness.) Seems simple enough, right? … Continue reading

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The PAL Elevator Speech

An “Elevator Speech” is a short description or introduction to a business plan.  They call it an “Elevator Speech” because the idea is that it should be short enough to share with someone during a ride in an elevator!   … Continue reading

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Is Laziness a Disease?

A belief system or world-view is a simplified inner model for the outer world. When the model is good, it gives predictability to life. Our physical senses provide us with raw data from the external world. We combine our sense-based … Continue reading

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How Does A Person Change Their Religious Beliefs?

The reason that I am interested in this, is that I think that it could be used as a model for the treatment of laziness. What do we mean by a religious belief? A religious belief usually consists of a … Continue reading

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Cause of Death: Domino Effect

When someone dies, the process is (I think), that the county coroner checks into the death, and then issues a death certificate. The certificate lists “Cause of Death”, among other things. (BTW, I have never actually seen a death certificate … Continue reading

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