Sex and Work

Some people seem to have a healthy sex instinct but a comparatively less healthy work instinct. Can this combination create a problem when a person is looking for a marriage partner? This article examines four different scenarios in which couples can be affected by the health (or sickness) of the work-ethic of each of the two partners. Continue reading

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Financial Incentives

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PAL/GHGA offers new clients $10 to compensate them for spending an hour to complete the Belief Assessment Interview. Some people who have heard about this offer have commented that people might be willing to participate in the BAI even though they were not really lazy – just to get the money. This article responds to that observation. Continue reading

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When Does It Make Sense To Give Up?

Hindsight is 20/20. We have all had the experience of looking back over our lives, and remembering how we gave up on some important goal or project. Eventually we said to ourselves: “I wish that I hadn’t given up so easily.” This can be a bitter reflection. Of course, though, back at the time that we gave up on those goals, for one reason or another, it probably seemed like it was the sensible thing to do – to give up. This article addresses that exact question: When does it make sense to give up? Continue reading

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Big Feedback And Little Feedback

When someone gets hammered with painful (big) feedback, it may become easier for them to implement positive change. Alternatively, when the feedback is not painful (little) then it can be harder to change. This article discusses the social dynamics that affect people who are suffering from laziness when a poverty-based crisis occurs. When there is a strong (perhaps pathological) enablement system, then there is little hope for change. When the enablement system is weaker or non-existent, then change becomes more possible. Three different scenarios are examined. Continue reading

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Does Everyone Exert Themselves Equally?

Do some people exert themselves more than others do? Of course, the answer is yes. One way to look at “laziness” is to think of it as a willful lack of reasonable self-exertion in a situation in which a) self-exertion is morally required and b) the individual has the capacity to self-exert. Interestingly, some people are of the opinion that … Continue reading

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Can I Read A Book?

People often set educational goals for themselves and then, before long, bail out on the goal. For example, consider the case of reading a book that teaches a useful skill – a skill that can help a person to move forward in his or her career. The goal is do-able, worthwhile and profitable. So why do so many people tend to start and then give up? Continue reading

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Dealing With Discouragement

There are some people who seem to be impervious to discouragement. They make good salesmen, since they do not allow a long string of failures to affect their momentum. This kind of person is often viewed by others with a combination of … Continue reading

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Life Is Unfair

Lets suppose, for the sake of argument, that it is a good thing to have a good work ethic. Probably most people would agree that it is – although we could always dream up exceptions. For example, what if a person’s “good” work ethic drove them to … Continue reading

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The PAL Display Board For Conferences

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Here’s the new People Against Laziness table and display board. We used this for the first time last weekend at the Summit Hill Heritage Center conference. The board is a way to introduce folks to the free PAL services that are available right here in Carbon County … Continue reading

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What Does The Bible Really Say?

Many people have the view that the Bible is irrelevant to modern life. If that is your perspective, then you may want to just skip the rest of this article. On the other hand, if you consider the Bible to be a good source of guidance, then please, read on … Continue reading

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